Senior Photography
Senior Photography
Senior Photography
Senior Photography
Senior Photography
Contemporary & traditional styles mixed to capture the personality of each individual.

Rather than the generic, studio-style photo, I want to capture the unique personality of each person by doing something a little different for each individual I work with. When I photograph your portrait session, I'll help you pick just the right location, outfits, and style. Props that help capture your interests are more than welcome too!


When is the best time to book my senior session?


The earlier the better. As the year gets closer to graduation time both our calendars start filling up and it becomes difficult to find a day that works for everyone. Be sure and contact me early so we have enough time to book the perfect date, find the best location, and have a backup day booked in case of rain. You can book as early as the summer before your senior year starts! If you want to wait and have pictures in the spring (so everything is in bloom), still contact me in the fall to reserve a day before I get filled up.


How soon will I get my photos?


I know you'll want the photos right away so you can send out announcements, party invites, and maybe even get an album printed for all your friends to sign! Turn around time on senior photos is usually 2-3 weeks. So book ahead and plan accordingly!


How many images will we receive?


A standard senior session will last about 1-2 hours (though we can go shorter or longer - whatever works best for you!). You'll receive anywhere from 25-50 photos, depending on how long the session is, and how many locations we visit.


How would you describe your photography style?


I have a very soft, warm style of photography. Very much a blend between photojournalistic and contemporary styles. While I do have articificial lighting equipment just-in-case, I tend to use natural light as much as possible. Sunlight is my best friend, and I work warm rays into each portrait I can. I take a mix of candid and posed photos. I'll edit the photos with a softer, vintage tone, and sometimes throw some black & white shots in there too!


Where will you take my photos?


I don't have a studio, so I'm all about on-location photography. We have so many options! I want to help pick a location that really fits your personality. We could go to a pretty park or garden, walk the urban streets of a city, hike through some hills and forests, or head to the beach. And so many more choices! I've photographed seniors with grand pianos on stage, in japanese tea gardens, on baseball fields, and with horses on a rustic ranch. Be sure and let me know what your favorite places and activities are, and I'll make a list of suggestions for great photo locations.


Do you offer prints and albums?


Yes! I can design a number of different types of albums: sign-in books, storybook albums, and flushmount albums. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you're sure to find something that fits your needs and budget. Prints are also available (including speciality prints like canvas). Ask me for a price list! Once you receive all your photos you can decide what you would like printed. 


Where are you located?


I live in Lodi, California. But I'll travel almost anywhere in Northern California! 


What equipment do you use?


I shoot on two Canon 5d Mark II's. My favorite lenses to use are the 50mm and the 135mm. I also have a traditional wide angle lens, and a zoom lens, so I'm prepared to capture every type of shot. I'll also bring external flashes with me for those times when the natural light isn't bright enough.


I'm not a senior, but I still want great portraits. Is that okay?


OF COURSE! I love taking portraits no matter what stage of life you're at. Any excuse is a good excuse to take pictures :)




Have more questions? Let's meet up and have tea together!



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