Family portraits for all stages of life.
Contemporary and photojournalistic styles to create unique portraits.

Family Portraits


No matter what stage your family is at, I want to help capture beautiful pictures for you. From maternity, to newborn, to portraits of the kids, to full family portraits - I'll document your family's love and growth!


When I photograph your family, I'll help you pick just the right location, outfits, and style. Props that help capture your family are more than welcome too! Photos usually are a mix of candid and traditional portraits.


Choosing the right photographer is an important decision! Let's get together and have tea - I'd love to meet you and talk about your family and ideal photos.


Call/Text: 925-252-5283



How many images will we receive?


A standard family session will last about 1-2 hours (though we can go shorter or longer - whatever works best for you!). You'll receive anywhere from 25-50 photos, depending on how long the session is, and how many locations we visit. Contact me for more details!


When is the best time to book my newborn's shoot?


Typically the best time for newborn photography is within the 5-12 day window. Young babys photograph best when they are asleep. Do be sure to block out a good portion of the day for this - newborns can often take 3-4 hours! 


I have younger children - what can I do to get the best photos possible?


Make sure the kids are well fed and rested before the photoshoot. Feel free to bring snacks or toys to help keep everyone happy. Let me know what their interests are so I can get to know them a little better. The more comfortable they are, the better the photos will be! In addition, consider doing something FUN and special for them. Have the kids bring a favorite costume or outfit, or maybe a pet or toy they can be photographed with - anything they love! We can do normal family portraits first and the kids can look forward to their fun portraits at the end.


How would you describe your photography style?


I have a very soft, warm style of photography. Very much a blend between photojournalistic and contemporary styles. While I do have articificial lighting equipment just-in-case, I tend to use natural light as much as possible. Sunlight is my best friend, and I work warm rays into each portrait I can. I take a mix of candid and posed photos. I'll edit the photos with a softer, vintage tone, and sometimes throw some black & white shots in there too!


Where will you take our photos?


I don't have a studio, so I'm all about on-location photography. We have so many options! I want to help pick a location that really fits your family's personality. We could go to a pretty park or garden, walk the urban streets of a city, hike through some hills and forests, or head to the beach. And so many more choices! Be sure and let me know what your favorite places and activities are, and I'll make a list of suggestions for great photo locations. If you have a large home or backyard, those may be great options too.


Do you offer prints and albums?


Yes! I can design a number of different types of albums: sign-in books, storybook albums, and flushmount albums. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you're sure to find something that fits your needs and budget. Prints are also available (including speciality prints like canvas). Ask me for a price list! Once you receive all your photos you can decide what you would like printed. 


Where are you located?


I live in Lodi, California. But I'll travel almost anywhere in Northern California! 


What equipment do you use?


I shoot on two Canon 5d Mark II's. My favorite lenses to use are the 50mm and the 135mm. I also have a traditional wide angle lens, and a zoom lens, so I'm prepared to capture every type of shot. I'll also bring external flashes with me for those times when the natural light isn't bright enough.




Have more questions? Let's meet up and have tea together!



Frequently Asked Questions by Families